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Glazer Distributors of Arkansas

At Glazer’s we are privileged to be recognized as one of the most successful sales and marketing organizations in our industry. That’s how we’ve become one of the country’s largest distributors of beverage alcohol. Glazer’s Family of Companies is firmly established with 40 offices in 11 states, and we’re still family-owned and operated.  

Glazer Distributors of Arkansas
11101 Smiley Lane 
North Little Rock, Arkansas



Mr. Richard Levi, President of “Glazer Distributors of Arkansas”, reported that his company had received a telephone call from a liquor store owner who reported that there were individuals selling liquor, distributed by Glazer, out of the trunk of vehicles parked in parking lots close to his store.  He reported that this was hurting his liquor store’s sales.

Glazer Distributors of Arkansas had received other complaints about individuals selling brands of liquor that Glazer distributed to liquor stores around the State of Arkansas.   Mr. Levi suspected that the liquor these individuals were selling had been stolen from his company, either by one or more of his delivery drivers or by someone working in his warehouse.  

Mr. Levi contacted his Attorney who then contacted Private Snoop Investigations.  After meeting with Mr. Levi and his Attorney, Investigators began an in depth investigation to determine how and who was stealing Liquor from “Glazer Distributors of Arkansas”. 

An undercover investigator was placed inside Glazer Distribution’s warehouse to work alongside other employees.  The investigator’s job was to learn, if possible, how liquor might be removed from the warehouse and who was responsible.  GPS units were placed on several of Glazer’s delivery Trucks by other investigators in an effort to determine if the trucks were being diverted by the drivers and liquor removed. 

After several months of investigation the undercover investigator was able to identify how liquor was being removed from the warehouse and who was removing it.  The investigator made arrangements with the people stealing the liquor for him to purchase some of the liquor by the case.  The undercover investigator set up a location to meet the person stealing the liquor.  Other investigators set up in the area where the exchange was to take place.  They were armed with video cameras and they were able to video tape the exchange of liquor for money when it took place.  This was accomplished on several different occasions. 

The video taken during the investigation and the investigator’s reports were given to Mr. Levi and he instructed Investigators to turn the information over to the Little Rock Police Department.  Warrants were issued for the arrest of the individuals involved in the theft and sale of liquor stolen from “Glazer Distributors of Arkansas”. 

As a result of our investigation, two individuals were fired from employment with Glazer and were later arrested.  They later pleaded guilty to stealing liquor from Glazer.  

The arrest sent a message to other employees that stealing from Glazer would not be tolerated.  Mr. Levi reports that he did not receive any additional complaints of liquor being sold from trunks of vehicles after our investigation concluded.

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